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Case Study: Sonepar USA

Sonepar group is the world’s largest privately-held electrical distributor with sales of €13.6 billion and a presence in 34 countries. In the United States, Sonepar USA distributes electrical products through 12 different operating companies in 35 states with 4,400 associates, generating sales of $3 billion.

Company: Sonepar USA
Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA
Industry: Electrical material distribution
Branches: 253
Employees: 4,400
Revenue: $3 billion

Sonepar Pictures

Sonepar Pictures

Sonepar Pictures

The Problem:

When Sonepar launched “BlueWay”, a 3-year plan with aims to contribute to progress in the area of sustainable development, they needed a program that could be implemented fast and show immediate results. A major goal was to find a way to distribute recycling products and services for lamps, batteries, ballasts and electronics, through its 13 different operating companies. With 253 branches in 35 states across the country, this project would require a unique solution. The system needed to be capable of corporate-wide implementation, while at the same time giving each operating company and branch the customized support they would need to give their customers the best recycling options available.

Our Solution:

Sonepar USA turned to us to develop a plan and implement Endeavor, a suite of custom web-based services capable of providing procurement, tracking, and communications tools. Endeavor enables Sonepar USA to operate on a unified system linking all operating companies and individual branches back to corporate headquarters. In addition, Endeavor provides Sonepar USA with an ideal platform for announcing their sustainable development goals to customers, prospects and employees.  In order to insure a smooth transition to the Endeavor service, we provided comprehensive, hands-on training for each individual operating company, giving them the tools to get the most out of their system.

The Outcome:

By implementing Endeavor, Sonepar USA was able to create a more streamlined distribution process that allowed customers, operating companies, and management to communicate effectively and work with one another efficiently. Not only can customers save time and energy ordering products, but because Endeavor handles all of the internal workings of the environmental system, Sonepar USA can spend more time focusing on their core business offering. By using Endeavor, Sonepar USA has shown how serious they are about making their business more profitable, efficient, and responsive to customer needs.

Founded in 1969, Sonepar's mission is to satisfy the needs of its customers through dedicated and professional personnel with quality products and services which are easily available with reliable deliveries.  For more information, visit