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Case Study: Lincoln Property Company

Lincoln Property Company is a real estate and property management company with an $26.5 billion development portfolio and over 254 million square feet of property under management in 200 cities worldwide.

Lincoln Property Company
Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Industry: Residential and commercial real estate and property management
Total Square Feet: 
254 million worldwide
Development Portfolio:
$26.5 billion

Lincoln Property Company Pictures

Lincoln Property Company Pictures

Lincoln Property Company Pictures

Lincoln Property Company Pictures

The Problem:

With tenants increasingly demanding environmentally-friendly building management practices, Lincoln began to seek out ways to makes their properties more green. However, Lincoln’s size and internal service diversity dictated that any green solution would need to be particularly innovative to work well and communicate a high level of concern for the environment to clients.

Our Solution:

The GreenLPC Story

Once, it was the color of broccoli or a healthy lawn. Then "green" became a fad—every logo added a tree and some shade of the color. But there's something beyond the hype, at least in some places.

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Through the implementation of Endeavor, a suite of web-based environmental services tailored to the specific needs of the company, Lincoln is now able to have a system that handles all of the challenges that faced them in putting green programs into practice. Endeavor's initial benefit is that it is a centralized tool, uniformly accessible by any employee at any property in the company. Gone are the days of properties figuring out how to coordinate their specific recycling needs with corporate, or receiving services they don’t need, dictated from executives; now properties have a universal system where they can choose exactly what environmental services they need and when they want to receive them. Endeavor allows any Lincoln employee to see all the services that are available to the company at large and then choose them based on their individual requirements. The easy-to-use system provides an intuitive interface as well as interactive technical support through email, phone, and chat.
In addition to enjoying the benefits of uniformity and centralization, Lincoln is also able to generate reporting data and recycling certificates that provide documentation of all of the environmental effort that they are putting forth. This data is invaluable for internal or external audits and government regulatory procedures, but perhaps the overarching benefit is how reporting data can be utilized for public relations and marketing purposes. Tenants like knowing that their property providers and managers are doing everything they can to insure sustainable building and maintenance practices, and with green reporting data available at anytime over the web, Lincoln is now able to share their concern for the environment with any current or potential customers.

The Outcome:

The benefits of the Endeavor environmental solution manifest a two-fold result. First, Lincoln is now able to receive cutting edge recycling and environmental solutions that help sustain a green workplace and a healthy planet. Secondly, by saving time and money through this easy-to-use system and through the marketing benefits of recycling reports, Lincoln is able to go green in a way that will increase their potential for profitability and customer satisfaction. By using Endeavor, Lincoln Property Company has shown that they are willing to help work towards a cleaner environment as well as understanding the green demands that consumers are making in today’s market.