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Case Study: CB Richard Ellis

CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), a California-based property management company, has thousands of employees that manage more than 1.9 billion square feet of buildings around the world.

Company: CB Richard Ellis
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Industry: Real Estate, Property Management
Total Square Feet: 1.9 billion
Employees: 29,000+
Revenue (2007): $264.2 billion

CB Richar Ellist Facility Picture

CB Richar Ellist Facility Picture

CB Richar Ellist Facility Picture

CB Richar Ellist Facility Picture

CB Richar Ellist Facility Picture

The Problem:

Because of the large size and complex nature of the company, CBRE’s initial pushes to stay environmentally friendly were constantly met with regulatory and logistical hurdles that made going green difficult.

The lack of customized solutions for CBRE properties forced employees to search for local services on their own, wasting time and energy, preventing standardized procedures and reporting, and ultimately preventing CBRE from reaching their full environmental goals.

Our Solution:

Through evaluation of their current situation and consultation regarding the requirements for an environmental plan, we helped put together a customized program that met CBRE’s specific needs. Several logistical hurdles were overcome by implementing Endeavor, our suite of web-based services, which was tailored to align with internal business processes at CBRE. Because of their large size, the system enabled property and facility managers to have a uniform point of access to the company’s environmental program, no matter where an employee or property was located. The company-wide solution gives all employees with internet access the ability to log in to the Endeavor system. By using this system, CBRE was creating a convenient way for each of its properties to participate in the green process, while at the same time giving each property the ability to order only the services that they needed.

Proven Results:

We didn’t stop with the simple greening of CBRE. Because they wanted to fully understand what they were accomplishing environmentally, we made the reporting of data concerning all green programs convenient and easy to access. Recycling efforts at all 4,000+ CBRE properties are now available in comprehensive reports that break down all recycling data such as waste types, pounds recycled and date of processing. In order to give management additional oversight tools, we implemented the Participation Dashboard module, giving a quick snapshot of which facilities are actively pursuing environmental goals and which are not. This tool provides CBRE with the insight it needs to ensure active participation in their corporate-wide environmental initiatives.

Mark Polhemus, Director of Engineering at CBRE, Washington, DC noted the positive results of Endeavor reporting: “It’s live. It gets updated as information changes. It gives us a distinct market advantage over our competitors.”

The Outcome:

In addition to the above benefits, reporting allowed us to initiate a public relations campaign for CBRE that highlighted their environmental efforts to potential customers, business partners, and the general public. Through newsletters, trade magazines, and company marketing materials, the work that CBRE had put into their environmental programs was given ample press coverage and seen by thousands of interested readers worldwide.

“Imagine trying to prove how ‘green’ you are. When you can go to your own dedicated website with your own corporate branding and you can demonstrate your own programs, we think it’s far more powerful,” Polhemus said. “America wants to be green and do business with other businesses that are green.”