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Green Communications

Start making your green initiatives pay dividends. Awards, press releases, articles, and recognition are out there, you just need help finding them.

The public is not going to know about the progress you’re making, unless you tell them. Communicating your efforts, both externally and internally is key to helping keep your environmental efforts alive. Your employees will be glad to work for an organization that cares about the environment and their health and safety. Your customers will appreciate your efforts and reward you with additional business.

    Awards & PressGreener Results understands the goals of these programs and what they are looking for in the way of awards. We will help you win these awards and prepare press releases, success stories, and other media detailing the progress of your environmental program. In turn, we will “sell” your award achievements to the press in order to gain additional public recognition.
    Voluntary Recognition Programs

    There are literally dozens of voluntary programs run by the EPA, state environmental agencies, regional and local groups. Choose a program that your whole organization, including your employees, can really identify with and support. You will be able to use their program logo and gain recognition from being a part of it. They may even provide free guidance to you that will help in your efforts to reduce your environmental impact and save money!
    Environmental Programs