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Greener Results

Going green is just as much about your organization’s image as it is about the environment. In addition to providing you with tools to reach your goals, we can get you the recognition you deserve.

The push to “go green” has never been stronger. Your customers will appreciate anything that you do to help the environment – all you have to do is let them know about it! Internally, your employees will also value your company’s environmental commitments. We will work with your marketing staff to help put the appropriate “spin” on your products and services. In addition, opportunities abound for public recognition and awards through local, state, and federal voluntary programs. Greener Results knows how to help you get credit for your environmental efforts!

  • Green Communications
    Green CommunicationsEndeavor can be used by anyone in your organization. With the ability to manage user roles, you can have facility managers, management, and top level executives using the same system. Even better, the system is intuitive, making it easy to navigate for employees at all levels.
  • Endeavor Showcase
    Endeavor ShowcaseEndeavor comes fully loaded with the tools you need to integrate your environmental program, track progress, and qualify success. From waste stream tracking modules, to facility participation indices, there’s more cool features than you can shake a stick at.
  • Green Tourism Services
    Green Tourism ServicesGreener Results provides green consulting services to many clients in the tourism industry and has developed a wide array of services to support the needs of our clients. Greener Results specializes in the development of voluntary environmental programs for the hospitality and tourism industry. Greener Results also administers a green hospitality program for restaurants and hotels in partnership with Virginia Tech. Click here to read more about our Green Tourism Services which include:
    • Green Tourism Program Development & Management
    • Hospitality Services
    • Restaurants
    • Education & Training

    Greener Results works with seasoned experts in each of our service offerings. Click here to learn more about our Green Tourism team.