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An Eco-Bistro Experience

Croc's 19th Street Bistro, Virginia Beach, VA
Virginia Wine Lover

Croc’s 19th Street Bistro truly is an eco-bistro-experience. The definition above gives you a general idea of what you can expect from the restaurant and its environs, but it doesn’t begin to tell the full story about what Croc’s 19th Street Bistro has become in conjunction with its effort to go green. It has literally become the community hub for environmental stewardship – from its weekly hosting of a Farmer’s Market in its parking lot to its monthly Green Drinks gathering – to the tireless dedication of its owners Kal and Laura Wood Habr to support environmental issues within the community. Croc’s 19th Street Bistro has long been a good neighbor to the community. However, the green fire really began to burn in 2005 when they embarked upon some long-needed renovations. With the help of Duff Kliewer, a local LEED-certified architect and interior designer (, Croc’s installed water-saving fixtures, energy saving lights, and used environmentally-friendly building materials. The customer-feedback was great, and the green flame burned higher.


Virginia Green

In 2007, Croc’s 19th Street Bistro became the state’s first certified green restaurant in Virginia Green, the state’s new voluntary program to encourage green practices in ALL sectors of the tourism industry. The Virginia Beach Convention Center, the Convention & Visitors Bureau and several hotels and restaurants also joined, and soon there were concerted plans to grow the green movement in Virginia Beach. Through the leadership of Croc’s Laura Wood Habr and others, Virginia Beach set forth upon a course that culminated in the Summer of 2008, when Virginia Beach was officially declared a “Virginia Green destination” by Governor Tim Kaine! Virginia Beach now has 22 restaurants, 18 hotels, the Convention Center, the Virginia Aquarium plus 5 other regional attractions, and has certified over 7 “green events” through Virginia Green.

And at the hub of this entire movement has been Croc’s, hosting meetings, green events, the weekly Farmer’s Market, and Green Drinks. And throughout the community and on every committee and at every event has been the Green Queen, Laura Wood Habr, helping others go green and promoting green tourism in Virginia Beach! In 2008 Lifestyles Magazine Editor Jeff Maisey, anointed Habr on the cover as the Green Queen for leading an eco-friendly movement in Virginia Beach.

And, by the way, the food is awesome too! Why wouldn’t it be -its “sustainable, organic, or local”! And, oh my, the Seafood Rissotto …please excuse my drool. Lastly, you readers might also care to know that they have an award winning wine list that always features Virginia wines and organic varietals!

Laura Wood Habr has recently joined Greener Results Consulting as a Greening Specialist working with Restaurants and Grassroots Green Program Development. Contact Information: and 757-288-3861.