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About Tom Griffin

Tom Griffin

Tom Griffin

Division Director

Principle Project Oversight, Sustainability Program Development & Implementation, and Voluntary Program Coordination

Tom Griffin is the Director and Co-Founder of Greener Results, the consulting Division of Air Cycle Corporation in Broadview, IL. In his 18-year career in Virginia state government, Tom developed and ran a wide array of voluntary, pollution prevention-based programs that focused on cost savings and public recognition. Tom has distinguished himself as an expert in helping businesses develop efficient and practical environmental programs that are focused on improved performance and cost-savings. Furthermore, Tom believes that the provision of public recognition for environmental achievements is critical to achieving “greener results.”

Tom’s environmental career has provided him with a wide breadth of knowledge in most every environmental topic. His positions in resource management and NEPA review instilled a strong understanding of state and federal regulatory processes. Tom worked for more than 12 years for Virginia DEQ’s Office of Pollution Prevention, assisting businesses directly through assessments, research, and the development and promotion of state and federal voluntary programs. Tom has helped develop and manage many state voluntary initiatives such as:

Tom has also been responsible for the program coordination and promotion of many federal voluntary programs such as:

Tom’s background is the foundation for a strong faith in the value of Pollution Prevention techniques and Environmental Management Systems. However, his philosophy is that undue time should not be spent on environmental programs and systems themselves, but that time is best spent working on projects that improve the environment and benefit the organization financially. Furthermore, public recognition for those improvements will help spur the next environmental improvements.

Under Tom’s direction, Greener Results is working in a wide array of industries: commercial property management; hospitality and tourism; restaurants and food service; manufacturing; healthcare; education, and transportation. Greener Results is currently providing services ranging from sustainability program development to ISO14001 certification to regulatory compliance assistance to LEED waste auditing and advisory services. Additionally, Tom continues his work with voluntary environmental programs and serves as lead consultant to several voluntary programs including:

  • Virginia Green
  • Maryland Green Travel
  • National Restaurant Association’s Conserve Program