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In the Beginning

Greener Results, the product of a commitment to provide client-focused environmental management services.

Greener Results is the environmental consulting division of Air Cycle, one of the nation’s leaders in lamp recycling, as well as other forms of universal wastes. As Air Cycle expands its services and products, its client-base continues to grow and become more diverse. Simultaneously, interest in environmental progress and green products grows exponentially, and we knew that many of our customers were struggling with this new greening trend. Many of our customers were very committed to the environment, but weren’t really getting credit for their efforts; and others were hungry to do more.

In 2007, Air Cycle developed a suite of web-based billing and tracking tools which greatly improved accountability and reporting for its customers. Air Cycle soon expanded upon these tools and began to customize these web functions to serve as internal and external websites for its customers. Now trademarked as “Endeavor”, these tools have unlimited capacity for supporting environmental management efforts.

In 2008, Air Cycle began discussions with Tom Griffin, who is now the Director of Greener Results. Tom’s background in voluntary, pollution prevention-based programs brings a unique perspective to our consulting approach – one that builds on the strength of the Endeavor program and the strengths of the existing client-base of Air Cycle. Tom’s philosophy is that green marketing is integral to the continued success and improvement of your environmental program. He works to help clients get credit for where they are today, because he knows that it will help to create the internal energy and support that is needed to keep voluntary environmental efforts alive! was launched on September 15, 2008!