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About Us

What is green? There is no absolute green. Green is a continuum – a commitment to try and become greener tomorrow.

Greener Results is a unique consulting group that offers a straightforward approach to assisting companies that want to become more green…and, at the same time, get credit for their efforts. We specialize in designing environmental programs that are based on the existing strengths of an organization. Greener Results believes that an effective environmental program is one that generates reduced environmental impacts and saves money over time. Furthermore, an effective environmental program is one that is based on continuous, incremental improvements and that recognition for environmental achievements is a critical component of the process. Our goals for each customer are the same – assess, advise, and work to make the world know that our clients are doing their part to help the environment!

  • MissionOur mission is to assist clients in the development of environmental programs and activities that are practical, straight-forward, and add great value to their organization.
  • ValuesWe are dedicated to providing services to our clients that will facilitate environmental compliance, simplify environmental activities, enhance their public image, and save money over time. Greener Results will not recommend products or services without these 4 key values in mind.